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About Us

about_us_pic Welcome To Legal Image Studios

Legal Image Studios is the brain child of Bob Hendrix and Laura Wright.  The two met while working together for a national company with over 200 locations.  Bob was employed as the Internet Sales Director and Laura as Business Development Manager.  They were placed in charge of the company’s website and it soon became a benchmark for all other companies in their industry.  Soon they were consulting for other companies and the rest is as they say “is history.”  Their passion for web design and development is reflected in their work and their chemistry is a key ingredient to their success.

Our Staff

Bob Hendrix - Law Firm Web Developer

Bob Hendrix

President / Chief Web Architect / Developer
Our company President, Bob Hendrix, was Internet Sales Director for a national company for a number of years before founding Elegant Image Studios. Mr. Hendrix has worked on over 1,000 web site projects since 1999. Bob founded Elegant Image Studios, Inc. along with Laura Wright while the two were working together on web design projects for companies in the metro Atlanta area. Not only does he manage the client development side of the business and leads the development team, he also collaborates on design, managing projects and writing code. Bob's background in sales, marketing and advertising gives him a decided edge over most web developers when putting together a web site that brings results.
Laura Wright - Law Firm Web Designer

Laura Wright

Vice President / Senior Web Designer
Laura is our Vice President & Senior Web Designer. She either designs or oversees all design work for the firm and leads the design team. Not only is Laura an accomplished artist in the medium of pencil, she has been involved in computer graphics for the past 10 years. She has quickly developed a reputation as one of the most brilliant web designers in the country. Laura makes certain that every design is engaging and that it provides your business with an image in keeping with your customer, patient or client base. Many of our clients now ask for Laura by name to design their site.

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